Now Funnel-web Spider Will Be Treated with Cancer

Now Funnel-web Spider Will Be Treated with Cancer


Usually, we do not even like to see spider-like insects in our homes. Often we see the spider jaw in the house and clean it. But have you thought that this spider web will now help us fight against deadly diseases like cancer? Researchers have prepared capsules from spider webs, which will help us fight cancer.

Scientists experimented with a spider while preparing the drug for fighting cancer. During this research, they found the results scattering. During the investigation, the scientists filled the vaccine in the capsule made of spider webs and transmitted it to the cells of the human immune system.

The result is that the faster the cancer cells grow in the body, the cells of the immune system increase the number of cancer cells. If the scientists were entirely successful in this experiment, then it would be possible to get rid of diseases such as cancer.

Cell system work

Talking about the cell system of our body, the responsibility of maintaining a healthy body depends on the two methods of the immune system. A technique called cell mediate. In which T-cells kill microbes. On the other hand, the other way is called hyper oral. It contains B cells, which produce plasma cells. Those antibodies that destroy the bacteria.

How to Make Micro Capsules

To eliminate cancerous tumours, capsules are prepared from silk proteins present in spider webs. For this research, scientists have used the commonly found Iranians diatomaceous spider. This spider thread is not resistant and poisonous.

These nets were developed in the research lab. The silk was wrapped in a peptide by the spider’s web. Later micro-capsules that were made inside the T-cells were prepared. This research has proved to be very effective.

Medicine will remain effective in temperature.

By the way, all medicines are needed to be kept in cold environments, but this drug does not even need cold storage. If this medicine is kept in 100-degree Celsius temperature for several hours, it still remains effective. Therefore, no special skills will be required to take the medication far away.