Hubble Space Telescope in 'Safe Mode' After Technical Disturbances

Hubble Space Telescope in ‘Safe Mode’ After Technical Disturbances


American Space Agency NASA said that after hitting the work of a gyroscope in the Hubble Space Telescope, it had been kept in safe mode. NASA is trying to resume the scientific activity of spacecraft kept on safe mode since October 5.

In a statement, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said that Hubble’s tools are working perfectly and in the coming years, they are expected to get the best result in science.

Safe mode keeps the telescope in a steady state until the ground control (monitoring device or personnel) does not improve the problem, and the mission does not normally work again.

Six new gyroscopes were installed during the servicing mission-4 in Hubble made with the additional gyroscope in 2009. Hubble usually uses three gyroscopes for maximum efficiency, but he may continue to see scientific observation with one

The closed gyroscope was showing signs of being worsened for nearly a year, and it was not unexpected to stop the work. Two similar gyroscopes were previously closed.

The remaining three gyroscopes available for use have been technically improved, and for this reason, they are expected to work relatively longer. Two of these advanced gyroscopes are currently working.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and the Space Telescope Science Institute are evaluating and examining options to make the gyroScope fit again.