NVIDIA says a laptop with RTX 2080 is superior to a next-gen console

NVIDIA says a laptop with RTX 2080 is superior to a next-gen console


A new generation of consoles is on the horizon and many wonder if what it will offer will be something so impressive that it leaves us with our mouths open or if they will only present some of the things we have already seen in the PC world. While there are still details to know, NVIDIA says that one of these consoles will be less powerful than a computer with RTX 2080.

In a recent presentation at GTC China 2019 (via DSOgaming), Jensen Huang, general manager of NVIDIA, talked about some of the NVIDIA products that are on the way. There he showed new laptops that are equipped with the RTX 2080 and that stand out for being lightweight. The interesting thing is that in one of the presentation devices, it dictates that these devices will be superior than a next-generation console.

Unfortunately, NVIDIA didn’t really delve into what it means by this. That is, we do not know if it says that this equipment will be superior in power, ray tracing capabilities or performance. Nor does it specify which console the next generation refers to, so we don’t know if it’s talking about PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Lockheart or all of them. Finally, the company also kept all the technical specifications of this computer.

With all of the above, we recommend that you take the presentation information with a grain of salt. Yes, we do not doubt that the performance of the products currently available in the PC world – especially the high-end ones – is superior to what the new consoles will offer. That said, the reality is that we still don’t have enough information on these platforms to guarantee it.

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