Physical Nobel Prize for Three Scientists

Physics Nobel Prize for Three Scientists


The Nobel Prize for Physics, Arthur Ashkin of America 96 year old, France’s Gérard Mourou 74 year old, Canada’s Donna Strickland 59 year old, will be awarded to the Nobel Prize for Medicare in 2018, America’s James P Allison, Japan Tasuku Honjo Scientists will be given “, yesterday announced yesterday The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences issued a notification on the Nobel Prize for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The prize will be awarded to Amritsar Khan, Arthur Ashkin, France’s Gérard Mourou and Canada’s Donna Strickland. Half of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Four crore rupees, Arthur A. Paid to the shikin; Repeat amount, Gérard Mourou, Donna Strickland is the third woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. The Nobel Prize for Arthur Ashkin has been awarded for the discovery of an apple tweezer. The radiation pressure light, which arises from this instrument, is capable of moving objects.

According to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Arthur Ashkin has been described as one of the sci-fi stories. Arthur, now the oldest scientist of Nobel Prize. Prior to the 2007 Nobel Prize for Economics, American, Leonid Hurwicz, who was awarded the Nobel Prize at the age of 90. The other two scientists, Mourou and Strickland, who are reported to receive Nabel prize, are the shortest, The laser radiators were created and created by record. This technique is used in eye surgery. The name chosen for the Nobel Prize in the Department of Physics Education is to be announced today, and the name of the Nobel Prize for Peace is to be announced on 5th. On 8th, the Nobel Prize for Economics is to be announced.