Probiotics are no more beneficial for gut health as before

Probiotics are no more beneficial for gut health as before


Researchers find probiotics can nowadays cause very severe disturbance to our gut health when taken in conjunction or with antibiotics. Once the probiotics had colonised the gut- they completely inhibited the return of the indigenous micro biome which was disrupted during antibiotics treatments. It’s said that probiotics are no more beneficial as it was before- only because we have distracted our fooding habits and fitness level to zero which slowly gradually can hamper our life.

What are Probiotics?

They are the live bacteria and yeasts that are good for a health especially for our digestive system. Our body is full of bacteria which includes both good bacteria and bad bacteria. Probiotics come along good bacteria that play a vital role in providing help to our body that can maintain our gut health healthy. There are 2 types of probiotics:-

  • Bifid bacterium.
  • Lactobacillus

A healthy gut contributes a strong immune, healthy heart, healthy brain, improves mood swings, provide good sound sleep etc. many more. Some tips for developing healthy good gut health are:-

  • Eat with a wide hygienic range.
  • Eat more fibre.
  • Avoid highly processed foods.
  • Choose extra virgin olive oil is possible.
  • If need antibiotics make sure you eat the quantity of food that boosts your microbes.
  • If your diet carries low fibre contents it may increase the chances of wind and bloat.

Scientists compared the gut micro biomes of the gut intestinal which can track about 25 volunteers with that of their stools. They found that stool bacteria partially correlated with the micro biomes that are functioning inside our body. We never know what we consume is how much beneficial and how much dangerous for our health, it’s better to consult a doctor every month regarding your daily routines and should aim to consume good eating habits with few workouts if possible at the gym or at your home itself. Maintaining a healthy life is a good choice.

Make it today, work it for now and relax for a lifetime.