Russian Navy's new weapons that will make the enemies hallucinations

Russian Navy’s new weapons that will make the enemies hallucinations


Two Russian naval ships have been prepared with such defensive weapon which is causing the hallucinations and vomit during the trial; it is being said that it is due to its disorientating effect. Russia’s domestic news agency RIA Novosti reported that a Russian military contractor has started supplying such weapons to the Navy.

Which is a visual optical interference device called Filin 5P-42. Weapons’ name is’ Filin ‘and’ Eagle Owl ‘is in English. It is being told that such technology, which has been developed to dazzle and inactivate the attackers, has been deployed on the Russian Naval Fighters Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatonov.

According to media sources, this weapon throws a ray, as well as throws a glittering light which hinders the enemy’s ability to see the ships. These Weapons Night Vision Technology, Laser Targeting System and anti-tank missiles can dodge more than three miles.

According to RIA Novosti, according to almost half the test subjects, about 45 percent said that they have experienced feelings like dizziness, nausea, and disorientation. About 20 percent said that they had to face the hallucination. It is also claimed by its producers that these weapons can temporarily blind the attacker.

It is being said that two more warships under construction are expected to be deployed on Gorshkov and Kasatonov, which are currently patrolling the Arctic Ocean.