Tesla confirms a redesign in the production Cybertruck

Tesla confirms a redesign in the production Cybertruck


When Tesla decided to present his first pick-up, nobody expected him to do it that way. We do not say it for the organized show, but rather for the design that Cybertruck wore and it is that few people understood how the designers had chosen those unique lines. Many security experts have shown their complaints about it and it seems that in the end they will be right as the brand itself has confirmed changes in the production model.

Will it be very different?
In the mouth of the CEO of the entity, Elon Musk, the California-based entity will introduce a series of aesthetic modifications so that the vehicle can comply with European safety standards and not have any problems when it comes to homologating the Cybertruck in different places of the planet. Confirmation came through Twitter, the usual means of dissemination of Musk, thanks to a user’s question.

Specifically, this person had doubts about whether the electric pick-up would maintain its current design once it reached the production chain and Musk’s response was as follows: it will be “a little better”. At this point we do not know for sure what this means since many things can happen in the South African’s mind. The logical thing would be to address complaints such as those expressed by Stefan Teller, a security expert responsible for approval at SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH.

According to him, Cybertruk will have great difficulty landing on our continent due to its controversial design and the materials used in the construction of its body. In this sense, the big point would be the stainless steel that covers your body, whose high rigidity would complicate things in case of an accident. We will see how Tesla solves all these unknowns and if they surprise us again with any significant style change.

Adaptive suspension
Outside the aesthetic section, Elon Musk has also revealed that the electric pick-up will be equipped with a system that will inform drivers how much cargo they can transport according to the driving conditions. In addition, as regards the suspension, the adjustable height of the Cybertruck and the presence of adaptive dampers are confirmed. Remember that this model will not see the light until the end of 2021.