Tim Cook says coronavirus is under control in China

Tim Cook says coronavirus is under control in China


Apple’s CEO said the factories that produce the iPhone in China have reopened and production is near normal.

In an interview with Fox Business, Tim Cook spoke of the shutdown of factories of his Chinese partners because of the coronavirus. According to him, the current situation would allow the global reopening of the factories that manufacture the majority of parts and components of Apple products, because “China controls the coronavirus”.

“I get the impression that China controls the coronavirus. I mean you look at the numbers, they are decreasing day by day. And so I’m very optimistic over there, “he said.

The Apple CEO then tried to be reassuring about the supply of iPhone components. He recalled that the firm had several suppliers around the world, not only in China. Tim Cook nonetheless indicated that certain key parts were produced there.

The man also claimed that measures had been put in place in the factories of his Chinese partners in order to be able to restart production. The factories would have resumed an almost normal rhythm.

It is true that the number of new cases discovered in China is decreasing. On the other hand, the epidemic is spreading to other countries, including South Korea, Italy and Iran. If the spread of the coronavirus seems to stabilize in China – according to the Chinese authorities -, this is not the case for the rest of the world.

Tim Cook’s statement still seems rather strange. This seems mainly to reassure investors in the Apple. Recently, the Californian firm said it had lowered its financial forecasts, following the coronavirus.

In fact, Apple has also said that reopening iPhone factories is taking longer than expected. What is it really ? Hard to say. In any case, the impact of the coronavirus on Apple and so many other companies is certain and should be substantial.