The benefits of Vitamin D capsules on blood sugar levels

The benefits of Vitamin D capsules on blood sugar levels


Vitamin D suitable as a therapeutic supplement for metabolic disorders
Austrian researchers have found that women suffering from a specific metabolic disease can be helped with vitamin D supplements. In their study, scientists have demonstrated the beneficial effects of vitamin D on blood glucose levels.

Meaningful vitamin D supplementation
Especially in the dark season is often resorted to vitamin D supplements to provide itself with the so-called “sun vitamin.” According to experts, however, such preparations are not advisable for all people. For women who suffer from a specific metabolic disorder, but vitamin D supplementation is highly recommended, as researchers from Austria have now found out. They have demonstrated the beneficial effect of vitamin D on the blood glucose levels of patients with hormonal disorders.

One of the most common hormonal disorders
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common hormonal disorders that is often the cause of cycle disorders, including infertility.

Typical for the PCOS, for example, are a dark down on the upper lip, broad, thick eyebrows, a pubic hair that stretches down to the thighs and in a wide strip to the belly button and dark hair on the calves, writes the professional association of gynecologists (BVF ) in a message.

Characteristic of the metabolic disorder are enlarged ovaries with a number of small follicles, as explained in an article by “clog” – the magazine of the Austrian Science Fund FWF.

Increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
But the health consequences are more extensive. Thus, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes is considered proven, with the adverse effect on metabolic parameters such as blood glucose and insulin associated with the higher testosterone levels of the patients.