Interpol chief missing for a week after visit to China

Interpol chief missing for a week after visit to China


There has been a big deal about the missing former security officer of China and the current president of Interpol on Friday. There is a possibility of reports that the missing Interpol Chief Meng Hongwei has been detained for questioning in China.

According to the news published in China’s South China Morning Post, last week, when he arrived in China, he (Meng) took the ‘disciplinary officer’ for questioning, though the newspaper has not confirmed the place. Is of It is also unclear whether the matter is being questioned in the case.

The term ‘discipline officer’ is usually used for the investigating officers of the ruling Chinese Communist Party, who investigate allegations of corruption and political betrayal. It is believed that Meng can be a new target of the ongoing campaign against corruption in China.

Let us know that after the Meng’s disappearance, France has also started investigating the matter. A French judicial officer says that the president of Interpol boarded the plane to China, but where did he go after, there is no information about him.

His wife has not been able to contact him since the Interpol president departed from France on September 29. After this, Meng’s wife contacted the police in Lyon city of France. Leone also has the headquarters of the International Police Agency.