China to Launch 'moon' to illuminate cities

China to Launch ‘moon’ to illuminate cities


China is planning to launch its own artificial moon by 2020 to reduce street light from its urban areas and reduce costs on electricity. According to China Daily’s Friday report, Chengdu city in southwestern Sichuan province is developing a satellite providing light. She will shine like the actual moon, but she will give eight times more light than this.

Wu Chongfeng, chief of Tian Fu New Area Science Society, working on this project, said that the first managed moon would be launched from Shinchang Satellite Launch Center and after the successful completion of the first launch, three more artificial moons will be launched in 2022.

He said in an interview with China Daily that the first launch would be experimental, but the satellites sent in 2022 would be real, which would be for large-scale civil and commercial uses. If these satellites shining from the sun are able to illuminate the area of ​​50 sq km, then they can replace the street lights in the urban areas, which can make 1.2 billion yuan annually (17 million dollars) ) Will be saved.