Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un Ready to Meet Again

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un Ready to Meet Again


US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un agreed between them to move forward in the direction of eliminating the Korean Peninsular from nuclear weapons. Now there is a consensus on the meeting of leaders of both countries.

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un they may be among the second summit soon. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Kim Jong-un Among them, there was a positive dialogue about nuclear disarmament in a meeting in Pyongyang.

After nearly two hours of talks between US Secretary of State Mike Pompey and Kim in Pyongyang, North Korea, Pompey tweeted that meeting with Pyongyang on the trip was good with the chairman Kim. We are moving forward towards continuous progress based on the consent of the Singapore summit. Thank you for hosting my team.

Kim Jong-un has also praised the conversation with Mike Pompeo. He said this was a perfect day, which promises a good future for both countries.

After the talks with North Korea, US Foreign Minister Pompeii arrived in South Korea. In the capital Seoul, Pompeo said that the second round of summit on the nearest possible date between the US and North Korea has been agreed on. A statement issued from the office of the President of South Korea said that although the agreed date and place is yet to be decided.

In a statement issued by South Korea, it has been said that steps taken by North Korea regarding nuclear disarmament between Pompey and Kim and discussions related to the US have been discussed.

It is notable that between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un the first summit was held in Singapore in the month of June this year, in which North Korea was assured that it would work towards releasing the Korean Peninsula from nuclear weapons. Will do At the same time it was also decided that if South America also has nuclear submarines and weapons, then they will also have to withdraw the USA. Explain that Pompeio has already said that the economic restrictions on him will be removed only after showing disarmament from North Korea.