After menopause, the risk of heart attack and diabetes can be prevented

After menopause, the risk of heart attack and diabetes can be prevented


Research has found that after Menopause, women are more at risk of heart attacks and diabetes compared to other women. In such a way, before menopause can come in the age and during menopause, women can reduce this risk by making some healthy changes in their lifestyle. You should exercise to avoid the risk of heart attack and eat foods with the low-calorie intake. Recent research has said that by taking exercise and low-calorie diets, women can avoid heart attacks and diabetes (Type 2) probabilities after menopause.

According to research, women who are physically active have less metabolic syndrome compared to dull women. Metabolic syndrome is one of the physical factors that increase the risk of heart disease, attacks, and diabetes. Metabolic syndrome is identified when the patient develops high fat, decreases the amount of good cholesterol, increases the amount of fat in the blood, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar.

Associate Professor S. of the United States-based Stanford Health Care Lee said, “The former study has focused on cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes in men after menopause. This study will help women greatly because, after menopause, many diseases are focused on prevention. “

Lee said, “We found that in the study, after menopause, consuming a diet of low-calorie intake, women can get rid of the complaint of metabolic syndrome.” It is important that this research is published in the journal ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism’ Has happened. 3003 women of middle age were involved in the research.