Change of symptoms of dengue, early death

Change of symptoms of dengue, early death


According to the report of Health Organization, this year, more than 20 people have died from dengue in Kolkata and adjoining areas this year. On Sunday, an official of the State Health Department said that 15 deaths out of 20 deaths due to dengue this year had been caused due to dengue, due to the closure of most of the body parts. It is reported that when Dengue was caught in the dock by many people in West Bengal in 2016, people were not cautious about it. It was considered a normal fever.

So in the first year, hundreds of people got involved in death due to this. This is the same scenario in 2017. According to official figures, in the state this year 46 people died due to this infection. But this year only more than 20 people died in Kolkata and its adjoining areas due to the disease.

The vital components of the body stop working

So far 20 people have died this year, in which most of the body of 15 patients, ie liver, kidney, intestine, etc. stopped working. The figure of deaths this year due to government awareness and arrangements is definitely a bit less, but worrying is that after studying the symptoms of dengue in the last two years, it has been learned from the fact that the first dengue infection is mostly in the skin And it was more or less in 15 to 20 days it started to affect other parts of the body.

But within one week of being dengue this year, it reached the kidneys, liver, etc. and the body parts stopped working. Many people died due to which. On the other hand, the department has not submitted this report to the state government so far. The said officer said that this report would soon be sent to the state government.