"Jezero Crater" select to the landing site on Mars 2020 rover

“Jezero Crater” select to the landing site on Mars 2020 rover


The US space agency NASA has decided to place the vehicle on the Red House during its Mars mission during the year 2020. For this 60 sites were proposed. After a long discussion on all, NASA chose the most advanced area ‘Jezero Crater’ in Mars.

The 45-kilometer stretch of the area is 3.6 billion years old this crater

This crater (bowl-shaped pit) is located in the north of the equator of Mars, 3.6 billion years old, spread over 45 kilometers. Sometimes it was the delta of the lake. Due to this, there are likely to get samples of five types of rocks including carbonate and smooth soil. Under NASA’s campaign, the rocks and clay specimens will also be gathered together with the search for signs of life on the red planet.

Interesting information can be found

The study of this ancient crater can provide answers to many questions related to planetary development. Due to Delta, scientists can also learn about the ancient biological molecules from this region and the micro-organisms found in the lake there hundreds of years ago.